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  • about Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

    If you're wondering how to pronounce my name, try "Kwee-veen Oh Rye Alla" on for size. It's not quite right, but as a first attempt it's not too shabby.

    I make music on a 10-string fiddle called the hardanger d'amore , and I travel the world as a solo musician, in duos with Dan Trueman, Mick O'Brien and Brendan Begley, and as a member of The Gloaming and This is How we Fly.

    I also use live processing on stage, sending the sound of my fiddle through code I write in a programming language called ChucK.

    I've had the extraordinary pleasure of performing on some of the most beautiful stages in the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall, although some of my favourite performances have been much more intimate and ephemeral events, special one-off things invented by friends. I live in Dublin, and love it for the place and the people.

    There are seventeen recordings to my name so far, ranging from quite traditional to fairly out there. I enjoy both equally, playing the old music that I love, and exploring the region where traditional music begins to disintegrate.

    You are very welcome here, and I hope you enjoy exploring this page yourself!

  • about the instruments

    I play a stunning 10-string instrument made by Norwegian luthier Salve Håkedal. The top five bowed gut strings plus the five sympathetic strings below give the fiddle a wonderful resonant sound. It is somewhere between a hardanger fiddle and a viola d'amore , so I've taken to calling it the Hardanger d'Amore.

    I use baroque and transitional bows made by a wonderful French bowmaker named Michel Jamonneau. His bows are things of great beauty, and for me they are like paintbrushes for sound. They are the perfect match for the Hardanger d'Amore, and together they teach me something every time I pick them up, expanding what is thinkable and possible.



wih Thomas Bartlett :: from the album Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Thomas Bartlett on Real World Records

Fead an Iolair

with Dan Trueman

Ephemera II

live for Blue of the Night :: RTÉ Lyric FM

All Good Things

wih Thomas Bartlett :: Filmed by Myles O'Reilly at Pepper Canister Church in Dublin, Ireland for Arbutus Yarns Presents 'This Ain't No Disco'.

Other Voices Berlin 2017

Solo performance of Going to the Well for Water

Rí Rua

with This is How we Fly

What What What

shot by Myles O'Reilly :: for Arbutus Yarns

Easter Snow

Live in Dingle :: at Other Voices 2016

Caol le Caol

with Dan Trueman


all albums €15 :: free p&p worldwide


with Dan Trueman

Deadly Buzz | Aoibhinn Crónán

with Mick O'Brien

A Moment Of Madness

with Brendan Begley

Where the One-Eyed Man is King


Kitty Lie Over

with Mick O'Brien

Comb Your Hair & Curl It

with Ó Raghallaigh / McEvoy

Music for an Elliptical Orbit


All Soundings are True

with Garth Knox

The Gloaming 3

with Ó Lionáird / Hayes / Cahill / Bartlett

The Gloaming 2

with Ó Lionáird / Hayes / Cahill / Bartlett

The Gloaming

with Ó Lionáird / Hayes / Cahill / Bartlett

Live at the NCH :: The Gloaming

with Ó Lionáird / Hayes / Cahill / Bartlett

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Thomas Bartlett
Foreign Fields

with Gariess / Berndalen / Mac Erlaine

This is How we Fly

with Gariess / Berndalen / Mac Erlaine

Triúr sa Draighean

with Hayes / Ó Riada

Triúr Arís

with Hayes / Ó Riada

Triúr Omós

with Hayes / Ó Riada

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Con Kelleher

photo by

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

photo by

Con Kelleher

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